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Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket


Golden Ticket Scratch & Reveal 

Write down your "present" on the middle gold circle, apply the gold scratch sticker, and let the receiver enjoy scratching the card to reveal their present. This card is great for kids or for a special gift. 

Examples are:
- a coffee date
- cake!
- the cash inside! 
- movie tickets!

Tympan Ink's  Scratch & Reveal cards allows you to personalise the message on each card to suit your occasion. Then the receiver can scratch the card to reveal your hidden message.

Get creative with your personalised secret message!  These cards are multi-purpose and can be use for multiple occasions. 


Card Details:
A6 folded card (105 x 148mm), blank inside for your personal message.
Digitally printed on 300GSM paper, includes the foil stamped scratch off sticker to apply. Each card comes with Scratch & Reveal instructions, wrapped in clear sleeve with metallic gold envelope. MONEY IN PHOTO NOT INCLUDED, obviously :)